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  • Online application | EAN

    Online application At EAN, you must apply for admission before you can register for courses. This is called the Application for Admission. What does the application look like? The Application for Admission is an online form that consists of three sections. Profile The Profile section is the place where you'll share information about yourself, including demographics. Some of these questions help assess whether you meet the eligibility requirements or whether you will be paying the reduce course fee. ​ Please note: None of the information you provide us in the Profile section will be shared with the admissions committee. We do this to ensure that the selection process remains objective and fair for all applicants. Motivation In the Motivation section, you can share information about your educational and professional background; this can include what you studied/worked before or you plan to do in the Netherlands. ​ Tip: Many of students we accept have experienced an interruption in their studies before. Don't hesitate to share anything you find relevant, we're here to support you continuing your path. English language level test The English language level test xx English level test

  • Practical information | EAN

    Practical information For applicants Online application English level test Travel expenses For students Admission decisions Course registration Set up Google Classroom Payment & billing Payment plans Payment methods Cancelations & refunds Other Update your information Privacy policy Terms and conditions

  • Paying for courses | EAN

    Paying for courses You must have enough money to pay for your course. How much money you need depends on your situation. Tip: Sometimes, you can borrow money from EAN if you want to pay for a course. Travel expenses Did you choose where are you going to take your course? We do not pay for your travel expenses, you must arrange that yourself. Some municipalities or COA centres will pay reimburse you for your travel expenses, but not all. Choosing your own location Travel expeses

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