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Intermediate English (Level B1)

IELTS Bands 4–5

About the Course

Can you give your opinion in most familiar situations and maintain a short conversation in English? Have you started working on structured writing, speaking, listening and reading but would like to use English to discuss more complex topics?

In this course, you will work towards the B1 level and prepare for our B2 level course.

Learning goals

This course will take you towards the B1 level, and by the end of this course, you will:

  • Feel more confident using English in daily life.

  • Learn how to communicate in more complex situations.

  • Learn about writing essays, how to look at listening exercises, how to approach reading texts, and how to speak about more complex topics,

  • Make longer, more accurate sentences and communicate more complicated ideas.

  • Participate in meetings and discussions in English about more complex but familiar subjects, such as work, school, and travelling, with greater ease.


We focus on four basic skills of the English language: speaking, writing, reading and listening. The students’ development is provided through a wide range of meaningful activities, tasks and assignments, such as extensive listening and reading, allowing them to understand the English language comprehensively from authentic and meaningful contexts. We aim to create a learner-centred environment in which students’ needs, abilities and interests in English are constantly negotiated and considered.

We work very hard to update and improve our curriculum regularly by:

  • Researching how to improve our lessons.

  • Taking into account your feedback.

  • Developing material and tasks that help you practice real-life situations you might encounter as a newcomer.

  • Integrating many speaking activities into our lessons, usually implemented in pairs or groups, to encourage interaction inside the classroom.

Time investment

You're expected to make time for:

  • 22 group lessons at 4 hours a week.

  • 2 hours of homework a week to keep up with the classes.

For students who want to make maximum progress, you can always practice at home with extra exercises from your teacher and use helpful websites for more English content.

Your instructor(s)

At EAN, we offer our courses for a very low fee thanks to our volunteer teachers who have diverse backgrounds and differing amounts of teaching experience. Because those teachers are volunteers, they usually have other commitments or responsibilities such as focusing on their own studies or paid work.


  • English as language of instruction in the classroom.

  • 100% free online material on an easily accessible platform.

  • Upon request, receive a certificate of participation.

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