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If you want to start taking English courses with us, you must first apply for admission. Applicants need to meet certain requirements to get accepted. 


You can apply for admission if you meet all the following requirements: 


  • You have a valid asylum residence permit from the Netherlands. Or one of these situations applies:

    • You have applied for asylum in the Netherlands, and the asylum procedure is ongoing. 

    • The Temporary Protection Directive Ukraine applies to you. 

  • You are above 18 with 12 years of schooling education comparable to a Dutch (pre-university) secondary education HAVO or VWO.

  • You must prove by passing our English level test that you can read, write, speak, and understand English at an equivalent CEFR level A2. 

Application process step by step

These are the steps in the online application process for admission. The application is free of charge. 

  • 1. Check requirements
    Make sure you meet the Requirements.
  • 2. Sign up for an EAN account
    Before applying, you’ll need to create an EAN account, if you don't already have one. To create your Account: 1. Go to My EAN. 2. Register with your email address, Facebook account or Google credentials. 3. Go to your email inbox and open the Verification Code email. 4. Copy the 6-digit code into the box. 5. Click Confirm & Sign up. Your email is now linked to your application and must always be updated. Change the email address for your account.
  • 3. Complete the Application for Admission form
    You must apply for admission online. You need to have an EAN account to be able to apply. To access the online Application for Admission form: 1. Go to Apply for admission. 2. Fill in your information and click Request Application for Admission. (The popup window below will appear on top of the webpage when your request is successful) 3. Go to your email inbox and open the Follow up email. Tip: If you have not received your email, check your spam or junk folder. 4. When you're ready, click Start Application for Admission. You'll receive an automatic confirmation email when the system has submitted your answers successfully. Check out the application guide and tips before you start.
  • 4. Wait for decision on application
    The EAN admission committee need to make a decision on your application. You will hear a decision within 4-6 weeks. If your application is not complete, you'll receive a message from us. In that case, the decision will take longer. Spontaneous applications do not receive a notification.
  • 5. After you get a decision
    If your application is successful, you’ll get an email with the results of your application. It will also explain to you what to do next. Your application may not be successful, but this is not the end. Learn more about the other admission decisions.
Important: Apply before 02 February to have a chance to enrol in a course during the academic year 2024-2025. 
Tip: If you have not received your email, check your spam or junk folder. 
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