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EAN Groningen Receives Impact Award of the University of Groningen

Kinan Alajak, photo by Niels Brouwers

22 sep. 2022

Marije Michel and Seyit Gök, initiators of EAN in the North, won the Impact Award for staff and the Public Prize for bringing EAN to Groningen, Noord-Nederland.

Marije and Seyit transported the EAN concept to Groningen in January 2022, with the aim of helping newcomers with a refugee background with their academic integration through language education. Six groups of highly educated newcomers from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe have now started English lessons, which are provided by volunteer teachers.

Jury chairman Riemke Scharff, head of communications at the Hunebedcentrum at University of Groningen, praised this initiative for the direct impact it has on people's lives. The jury was also impressed by the publication Michel and Gok wrote, which contains concrete tools that can be used by others. The project also received the most votes from the public, and therefore also won the Public prize.

Read more at the University of Groningen website:

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