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EAN - Skills to build new lives

Throughout its growth, EAN has fostered a culture of inclusivity.

EAN began as a small volunteer initiative in the winter of 2016. EAN’s Founder, Phillip Wozny, was volunteering with Welkom in Utrecht at the Joseph Haydnlaan Asylum Seekers Center. With Welkom in Utrecht, Phillip helped newcomers engaged in fun, educational activities. There was a curious absence of English language education. As a former English teacher himself, he reached out for help to meet the large demand for English education. 


Through the InclUUsion program, Utrecht University provided much of the initial infrastructure to get EAN off the ground. A dedicated group of volunteers quickly gathered around and EAN opened its doors in February 2017.


The following fall, current executive director Kinan Alajak joined EAN as a teacher. In early 2018, Kinan took the lead. There he reshaped the administrative structure and significantly grew the organization. In the following summer, Phillip and Kinan incorporated EAN as a foundation. 


Dr Maije Michel joined EAN as academic director in October 2019. The following winter, Dr Karin Geuijen joined as governance director. 




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