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Learning - English Language

Our specializaton

Our Specialization

​​Improve the skills that will benefit you most


Our courses utilize Task-Based Learning (TBL). This cutting-edge teaching methodology embeds the coursework in your daily life to help you settle into real life in the Netherlands. All our teachers take a TBL masterclass prior to entering the classroom.

A tailored curriculum, developed by specialists

Being a young NGO with an eye for innovation, we have forged a collaborative research partnership with the UU Applied Linguistics department to develop a custom curriculum tailored to your unique needs.

By newcomers, for newcomers


As newcomers ourselves, we feel a social responsibility to extend fair access to professional and academic resources to newcomers with a refugee background. We care about newcomers and believe they deserve opportunities just like everyone else.

Learn in a supportive atmosphere


Taking full advantage of the rich Utrecht talent pool, our volunteer teacher corps consists of PhD’s, professors and experienced educators. Additionally, we monitor student progress and ensure that every student’s needs are accounted for.

Partners of Utrecht University


Enjoy the privilege of the UU’s state-of-the-art classrooms with high-quality audio and visual equipment. PhDs, postdoctoral researchers and professors working at UU also teach workshops on academic writing, study and presentations skills.

Support Our Future

When newcomers continue their education in the Netherlands, they make the local community more diverse and enterprising. If you want to help us empower newcomers with the academic capacities necessary to continue their careers, we’d love to hear from you.

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