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Deloitte and EAN Join Forces to Guide Newcomers

Phillip J. Wozny

16 June 2020

English Academy for Newcomers (EAN) is proud to announce our partnership with the Deloitte Impact Foundation (DIF) to expand the EAN Mentorship program. Since joining forces we have been able to provide mentorship services to over 40 newcomers across the Netherlands.

About the program

EAN Mentorship helps newcomers continue their academic and/or professional careers through one-on-one coaching. Mentees and mentors are matched based on their interests, background, and professional experience. The program is coordinated by Michael Bethune, an experienced social worker and researcher with Utrecht University. So far, we have seen that participants have a very diverse set of professional backgrounds, such as engineering, communications, accounting, and IT. Thankfully, Deloitte is a large organization with specialists of diverse backgrounds so that we can meet the needs of the participants.

The Partnership

DIF is the corporate social responsibility wing of Deloitte. Committed to the Deloitte motto ‘make an impact that matters,’ they provide knowledge, expertise and support to projects that make the world a better place, such as The Ocean Cleanup Project and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. DIF has committed 1000 billable hours to EAN Mentorship, which translates to 30 Deloitte mentors providing one year of guidance to program participants.

Moving Forwards

If you are a motivated newcomer that just needs a bit of professional guidance to continue your career in the Netherlands, you can sign up for the EAN Mentorship program here.

Moreover, if you are an experienced professional that would like to give back to your community by sharing knowledge, expertise and guidance with aspiring newcomers, you can sign up as a mentor here.

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