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Mentorship - Expert Guidance


This program supports motivated people like you to achieve academic, professional and resettlement goals here in the Netherlands.


We help you find and start the right path that sets you up for success. Whether it is helping you find a new university subject, continuing the career you had in your home country, or starting a new one here in the Netherlands and Europe.

As newcomers and expats, ourselves, we understand the power that guidance can have to make positive changes happen. Our volunteer mentors will help you plan to realise your goals.


Who are the mentors?

Mentors are active members of Dutch society living in the Netherlands. They are volunteers either working, studying or living here.

How the mentors help you?

Mentors are here to support you resettle here in the Netherlands. They help connect you to services and open a door to the Dutch culture. Mentors can support you with finding a degree to study or help with job applications.

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